Commercial Interior Designer Stevenson, MD

At Victor Liberatore Interior Design, serving Baltimore, DC and surrounding areas, we guide our corporate clients through each phase of the project from conception to installation; consistently maintaining the highest standards of design excellence, utilizing the best talent, design sensibilities and current influences in today’s commercial interiors. And, by realizing the synergy of architecture and interior design, environments become a reflection of our client’s vision. Our contemporary and eclectic designs feel crisp, polished and professional without being impersonal.

Design Energy

Unsure how to articulate your design vision? Try answering this question: how do you want personnel and guests to feel in the space? Emotion is central to the design process at Victor Liberatore Interior Design, as we are not just designing a space; we are also creating an experience. Our commercial and corporate designs merge elements of light, color and texture to evoke a unique sensory experience inspired by the client’s vision.
Working as a Team

Your staff or committee will be an essential part of our team as we shape your design, and we’ll continue to keep you involved as we develop specific design possibilities, time tables and concepts. We’ll help you visualize our design ideas with data transfer, CAD drawings, schedules, images and samples, to keep your projects on target. We balance form and function to design organic workspaces that can improve the productivity, efficiency and morale of your team. We specialize in creating collaborative office designs; flexible spaces that are highly adaptable and foster open communication amongst team members.

Our extensive online portfolio illustrates the broad scope of our design style and ability, but we encourage prospective clients to contact us directly to request a design proposal.