Exploring the Flavor of Ancient Cultures…and the “Q”of Ancient Temples Led to Design for R & R Tauqueria…

Mindset ~ As an avid viewer of the History Channel – H2 and a follower of the Ancient Aliens with an interest on the Historic Take on the Aztec and the surrounding regions of Mexico … we have provided our client Chief Rod of R & R Taqueria … the flavor of ancient times, with present day technology … while conceiving to operate his growing palate of Mexican Cuisine within the Maryland and neighboring regions.  At R & R, their focus is on creating a National Brand.


Concept Creation ~ Since that first book on Eric Von Daniken, we were deeply enthralled into the possibility of other worldly beings in the universe… and that we are not alone… Some findings show that ancient cultures built structures … that current philosophers, archaeologist are still scratching their heads with each layer of soil that is removed and evidence is unveiled each day… How were those monolithic stones moved, stacked and placed with seamless integration… It does make you wonder … if they had help from above … or they possessed special powers that modern day humanoids do not yet have a grasp on…


The Design ~ In our designs we are relaying that with every footprint lies it’s unique possibilities, but we are striving for a consistent footprint for each design venture we undertake … and to this balance between everyday living and in this exercise balancing a menu and environment … towards perfection of the feast and the flair of it”s Chef Rod.


Content & Culture ~ Examples of early Columns and Iconography influenced our articulated column approach to supporting the horizontal beam members, that are accentuated, placed and interacted in an angular manner.

RR-Blackboard-300x144 RR_004-197x300

We designed the columns and iconography  to create energy in motion…


Branding ~ Early Logo  Concept and incorporation of restroom doors are adorned with stylized and hybridized gender and vegetable icons – Get Nod by Chef Rod.


When team mindsets align results prove valuable in assisting and creating a successful model for R & R Tauqueria.  Chef Rod was featured the Food Network Diners, Drive-in and Dives, with Guy Fieri.  Stay tuned for future developments…