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About Victor Liberatore Interior Design
While Victor has a select team working for him in the Miami, FL area, he is personally involved in every aspect of each Designer Electrical Lighting project. Victor Liberatore Interior Design has a passion of creativity and originality. Victors passion for Designer Electrical Lighting started at an early age, says Victor Liberatore ASID, whose maternal grandfather, a fashion designer in Europe, fueled his interest in design. The way his grandfather could fashion a clothing garment, just by assessing the client size and style is much like the way we work to create Designer Electrical Lighting expectations for our clients by learning your likes, style and preferences. For all of your Designer Electrical Lighting needs in the Miami, FL area, give Victor Liberatore Interior Design a call at 410-486-6942.
What Makes Us Unique?
Victor Liberatore Interior Design employs a layering of materials and elements to create a juxtaposition of form, design and counterpoint with an eye and level of experience for all of your Designer Electrical Lighting expectations that separates us from other designers in the Miami, FL area. We bring the unexpected to every project and that propels us into a Winning Mindset from the start. There is no duplication of Designer Electrical Lighting design or re stage of materials for our Designer Electrical Lighting projects. Every thought is based on original awareness and original thinking, without duplication, whether the Designer Electrical Lighting project is a crisp architectural interior or one that expresses a patina of time worn eloquence. For all of your Designer Electrical Lighting needs in the Miami, FL area, give Victor Liberatore Interior Design a call at 410-486-6942.
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Light does more than illuminate.  Lighting professionals help clients shape and define their vision by providing solutions for aesthtic appeal.

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